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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Monday, August 27, 2012


The babies are now over 8 months old. They're pros at crawling (in their own ways - still not on their hands and knees yet), Milo can get acorss the room in a flash doing his fishflop, and Serena could win an army crawl race. They love it when we let them out of baby jail AKA the playyard and let them crawl across the floor and chase the cats. They're also very attracted to wires and basically anything else at their leve. I guess we need to get to babyproofing asap.

We also had to lower both of their cribs all the way down because they can (and do) pull themselves up on just about anything these days, including their crib slats.

I haven't seen any new tooth, but they MUST be getting them. They've both been teething like mad and drooling like a saint bernard. Milo in particular is super-drooly and I've started calling him Slimer because anytime his mouth comes in contact with you it's like you were slimed ala ghostbusters.

We signed the babes up for swim lessons starting in September, just as something to do and to get them used to the water. I'm sure I'll post pictures from that experience later on.

We also had a little photo shoot right around their 8 month birthday.  A woman in our neighborhood is doing a Twins 52 project and we got to be one of the families for her project (it's called TwinBug Photography on facebook if you want to check it out). Some of the highlights are below.  Also, this woman has TWO sets of twins - 4 years apart. I just.. cannot fathom...

 My boys!
 Milo's pout
 Love their expressions in this one.
 My arms were shaking!
 Milo conspiring something.
Family shot.
Lastly, we've been weaning Serena off of the medication she's been on for her hemangioma (propanolol).  She's now completely off it and we're going to monitor her for a few weeks to make sure the H doesn't start growing again/get darker. If it seems stabilized, then we'll go ahead and schedule surgery for this fall. While I'll be glad to get it over with, I am pretty nervous about it. Better now than when she is older though.
I'll be leaving the babies behind this weekend as I head to Vegas for my friend's fake bachelorette party (see: I am soooo excited to see my friend and to get away, but I also know it is going to be really hard being away from my family.  I wish I had taken a trip when they were younger and wouldnt have been so aware of my absence! Oh well, I guess I will just have to drown my sorrows in a the pool....with my book in hand...

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