Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Three Months

The kiddos turned 3 months old yesterday. Which somehow equals 13 weeks, so really I think they were 3 months last week, but going by the date it was yesterday. Anyway...I tried really hard to get a good photo of them, but they kept squirming all over and all the pics were blurry. I'm going to try again this weekend.  In the meantime, here are a few cute shots that a friend took of them a month ago. Of course, they are much bigger than this now...

They also spend alot more time smiling. It really seems to be one extreme or the other - cooing and smiling or screaming bloody murder. And can turn from one to the other on a dime.

For you moms out there, if anyone knows of a good way to clean babies' necks, let me know. Serena drools and spits up alot, and her neck smells like moldy cottage cheese. When I try to scrub it, she of course screams like I am torturing her, and even in the bath she keeps her chin locked down so that I can't get in there. She obviously wants to be known as the stinky baby.

I am on a mission this weekend to get a good photo of the two of them together!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Serena's Big Trip

This past Tuesday, we took Serena to NYC to see a specialist there about her hemangioma.  She got all dolled up for the occasion:

We decided to take the train since the office was in the heart of Manhattan.  She was really good on the trip up, and even allowed us to enjoy a very pricy lunch in relative peace! It was only until the last hour or so of the train ride home when she started howling. It was the witching hour, after all (with my twins I'd call it more the witching 3 hours, but anyway...).

The good news is that we really liked the doctor, and we feel confident that she is in good hands. We'll be making a few more trips up so that she can have some laser treatments, and eventually surgery. Maybe next time we'll bring her brother too. Although I must admit it is nice to be able to focus on just one baby at a time. Milo got his day when he was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully we can figure out a way to give them individualized attention that does not involve doctors!

Friday, March 9, 2012

March already?!?

Oh, my sad neglected blog.  I had high hopes of chronicling my birth story, first baths, first outings, and other milestones. Instead, the first month I didn't even have a moment to think about turning on a computer. The 2nd month I'd log on quickly to check email with one hand. Now, at the start of the third month (and my return to work), I am determined to do better! week.  For now, photo bomb will have to do:

 Brother and sister sleeping peacefully together. This is a rarity. Actually, I think this is the ony time they've ever slept side by side this close.

 Baby girl showing off her smirk.

Ready for an outing in the nice spring weather.

This week Milo had his first (and hopefully last for a looong time) ride in an ambulance. He is fine now, but it was a crazy week. Not to be outdone, Serena is getting her first trip to Manhattan next week. We're taking her to a specialist about the hemangioma on her face. It's completely harmless, but obviously we want to know allt he treatment options to help it heal as quickly as possible (as opposed to the 5-10 years they are telling us it often takes...).

More to come!