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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Friday, November 18, 2011

Seriously? Seriously.

So this was somewhat of an eventful week. I had an u/s and dr. appt on Monday, which was almost comical.  For whatever reason, I saw the Dr. before having the u/s.  Everything is thankfully still going well, so I asked him at what point would he induce if I don't go into labor on my own. He said he saw no reason to intervene before week 39. He is obviously delusional if he thinks I am carrying these linebackers until December 28. Speaking of, their estimated weights are now 5.5 and 5.9 lbs!!  Once the u/s tech saw this, he said he is guessing I will deliver closer to 36-37 weeks. Uhh yeah, that's more like it. If these estimates are correct, I am already carrying arounf nearly 11 lbs of baby. And for those of you that don't know me, I am quite petite. Both DH and I were around 6 lb singletons when we were born, so I am not trying to have 7-8 lbs twins.

Which brings me to the next issue. Apparently my fabulous megababies are both head down, making me a perfect candidate for vaginal birth. Now, some people would probably be thrilled by this. Me, not so much. Especially if they are going to be as large as they are on track to be! I was totally psyched for a c-section, and completely comfortable with the surgery, and the recovery time, and the drugs...I digress.  This whole labor thing is what I was trying to avoid. But I don't feel comfortable going against what the doctor recommends, so if the day gets here and he still wants me to push these watermelons out, I guess that's what I will do (after getting an epidural ASAP and any other pain medication I can bribe them into slipping me).

I think at this point most people carrying multiples are seeing their doctor every week or so.  But with me, they don't want to see me again for 3 weeks, I guess since I seem to be doing so well. Again, I know this is great news, but there is definitely a part of me that would prefer to be monitored a bit more closely. I will be nearly 36 weeks along by the time I go back.  I'm just going to not hesitate to call and/or carry myself directly to the hospital if anything feels strange. I haven't had any flase alarms or trips to L&D yet, so I feel like I can do that without them thinking I am overreacting. Plus, just look at me:

(OK, this photo is not sideways on my computer, it flips when I upload it, and I don't have the patience to figure out WTF I am doing wrong. But you get the idea).

Weekly Stats
How far along: 33 weeks, 2 days
Weight gain/loss: Gained another couple lbs last week. We had friends visiting last weekend and went out to eat alot. Basically at every meal, I pigged out and then felt completely ill, like after thanksgiving dinner times ten. And then proceeded to do it again at the next meal.
Maternity clothes: Yeah, whatever, it's all abotu comfort at this point. I'm wearing leggings at work today which I never thought I'd do.
Stretch marks: No, just alot of burning and stretching. One twin mama told me her skin blistered and peeled open by the end and I am just REALLY hoping that doesnt happen to me. 
Sleep: We got a humidifier and that's at least helping me breathe a little better, although I am still pretty congested. Plus every time I roll over, it's like I have 10 bowling balls on top of me, so I have to roll really quick which is of course not easy.
Best moment this week: Probably anytime I could sleep more than an hour at a time. And of course everything going well at the Drs.
Food cravings: Blah. Food and eating now equates to me feeling sick, so I am just over it.
Movement:  Yes, lots, and sometimes quite painful. They are moving alot more towards the bottom now, where I guess they have their hands by their head, and it feels uber weird.
What I miss:  Same old stuff as usual. Just feeling like I'm not lugging around a sack of potatoes all the time.
What I'm looking forward to: Finally seeing these kiddos! Going on maternity leave in the new couple of weeks.
Milestones: All discussed above.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's been a busy couple of weeks, so this week's update will be fairly brief...

Weekly Stats

How far along: 32 weeks, 2 days
Weight gain/loss: One pound since last week, for a total of around 42 lbs.
Maternity clothes: We got lucky with a few unseasonabley warm days this week, so I was able to wear dresses and flip flops. I think fall is officially here now though, so pants and boots are going to have to be worn.
Stretch marks: Not that I can see.
Sleep: Slept a little better this week than last.  Although I am snoring big time now and poor DH isn't sleeping too well b/c of that.
Best moment this week: Had a very nice intimate little shower at my MIL's house last weekend. Got some more cute clothes and a few other things. I feel extremely lucky that I had 3 showers, plus DH's co-workers' gifts...we've really been overwhelmed by everyone's generosity.
Food cravings: So ever since my brother married his wife, who is Persian, I have craved these cookies they had at their wedding (this was like 15 yrs ago). I finally found a bakery that has them (they're called chickpea cookies, at least that's the american name) so I was able to get a bunch of them! Yum :)
Movement:  Oh man, it is starting to get painful. They really push the limits of how far my skin can stretch out.  Even worse are the internal kicks when they hit organs or nerves. But it's pretty cool that I now know exactly where they are and can usually identify the body part that I'm seeing.
What I miss:  Just not being in pain and out of breath all the time.
What I'm looking forward to: Another ultrasound on Monday. Anxious to see how big they are now. I also want to talk to my Dr. about scheduling a date to get these kids out! Last time I brought it up, he wasn't really on board, but I think I am going to push a bit more. If I am going to spend Christmas in the hospital, I'd rather know now! 
Milestones: Well, I think we finally settled on names! I wouldn't say either of us 100% got what we wanted, but it's a nice compromise and we are both satisfied. I also went to a breasfeeding class this past week. I am still a bit traumatized from the experience...