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Friday, October 19, 2012

Serena's Surgery and other fun fall activities

Oh man, I was doing so well with posting often, and then things got crazy. The babies both got their first colds, which turned into an ear infection for Serena, which turned into many sleepless nights. Andy and I were walking zombies for about a week and a half. Finally, we had to re-sleep train them by letting them cry it out, and thankfully everyone is sleeping well again. They will be 10 months old tomorrow.

Serena finally had her surgery this past Tuesday. We took the train up to NYC on Monday afternoon.

We had to be at the hospital at 6am. She was a bit confused why we woke her up so early...

This is her right before they took her back, wearing the huge scrubs.

The surgery lasted about an hour and a half. Serena did great, and recovered well. Unfortunately the surgeon wasn't able to remove very much of the hemangioma, due to the skin around her mouth being pulled (he wanted to make sure her lip would not curl up) and also the ulcerated area causing issues. He is confident that the outcome will still be just a small scar, but it's just going to take a bit more time. She'll be having monthly laser procedures for the next four months, and possibly another small touch-up surgery next year.

This is Serena right after surgery, still groggy from the anesthesia.

In other news, both babies are very close to walking! Serena can stand on her own for about 10 seconds. I am definitely not ready for them to be even more mobile. They are also doing much better with solid foods, and starting to pick up little pieces and feed themselves.

We also went to a pumpkin patch to get the obligatory "babies with pumpkins" photos. But there weren't very many pumpkins!

Anyway, next post I will hopefully have some cute Halloween photos to share!